We are the leading chemical services company that deals with the cleaning of stained banknotes. We have a team of chemical experts and professionals who always make sure that each and every product reached to you should be of great quality. All our products are manufactured with high-quality raw materials so you can never worry about the quality.


SSD Chemical Solution

Professional SSD chemical suppliers for providing this chemical solution around the globe.

Activation Powder

Clean a wide range of currencies like Euro, AUD, USD, Pound, or others with this product and utilize that money.

SSD Chemical

SSD Global Assurance is a reliable spot for people who need to buy fake money for sale at the best prices.

Vectrol Paste

Vectrol Paste is a sold type of SSD product that is often required by people for cleaning their anti-breeze currencies.

TTZ Universal Solution

TTZ universal solution is a well-known compound of mercury that effectively expels a wide range of stains and stamps.

Congeal Chemical Melting

Congeal Chemical Melting Equipment is very useful to make notes stain-free and passes on staggering significance.

I had a lot of money that was stained and needed to get cleaned immediately. One of my friends living in New York told me about this website. I was so glad to meet these people. Thank you guys for helping me!


James, Australia

This is the first time I am doing business with these people and I couldn’t be anymore happier. My order didn’t only reach me but it worked perfectly (SSD Chemicals). I had a hard time trying to spot it from the real ones. I will always be grateful and come back again for more.

How to contact us

If you’ve got questions or ideas you would like to share, send a message. If you’d like to also make an order, get in touch with us.

Direct Line Numbers/Whatsapp: +27678263428

Our Email: info@ssdchemicalspecialist.com

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